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LABRYS Power Cable

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  • 24 carat gold plated contacts
  • Equal resistance
  • 2m/6,5ft long
  • IMPORTANT: The LABRYS Power cable was designed to work only with LACEnano brushless tattoo machines and LABRYS power supply. (3 lead cable)

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Product Details

Maximum amount of copper inside for low resistance, calibrated for equal resistance and individually hand tested. Flexible sleeve ensures minimal pull on the machine. Metal ends for easy cleaning and easy taping of protective cable sleeve.



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Quality. It’s the one thing that we are really looking for when we are buying a new machine. It precedes and guarantees all the other important characteristics of a good tattoo machine like reliability, ease of use and longevity. But how is it that a quality tattoo machine comes to be?

It all starts with the design process; testing numerous components to find the best ones suited for the job, different configurations of the machine to make it ergonomical while keeping the package small and then testing prototypes in real world conditions with good tattoo artists that know how to point out things that may have been missed in the initial design process.


Ok, so we now have a great machine. On paper, but that is only half the battle won. You can have the greatest machine design in the world, but the components are not built consistently and precisely, you will get a mediocre or bad machine at the end of the process. So every LACEnano machine component is quality checked for dimension tolerances, surface finish etc. multiple times during the building process. And then every machine goes thru a “torture test” when it is built, before it is shipped out. If a machine “wants to fail” it will do so in that test, not after two weeks of working in your studio, when your customer flew in for a 3 day session form out of state, when you need your machine most.


The quality and compatibility to international standards of LACEnano products is not only confirmed in house, but also with international standards like the CE, FCC and UL.

All of the raw materials that we machine and build from also come with their own certificates, and we only use the highest quality aerospace grade aluminium in our machines, all of the screws are highest quality marine grade stainless steel - bordering on implant grade stainless, our magnets are custom order military grade neodymium and all the connectors are professional grade audio extra long life connectors.


What was described is the process of developing a tattoo machine, but we believe in being a wholesome company and supplying professional tattoo artists with quality tattoo equipment of all sorts. For instance use the same philosophy and work ethic when designing and building power supplies; the case has to be super strong and resilient; the power board is developed and tested to deliver the silkiest current available to your machine, to make it as efficient, consistent and cool as possible. The same goes for our cables that are made from the best materials and manually tested at 3 points in the manufacturing process and then again before packaging to ensure equal resistance on the power lines inside. Even simple things like power supply mounting brackets have a lot of thought and optimisation put into them and even they are tested by professional artist before we put them into production.

So at the end of the day you can rest assured that everything humanly possible was done to bring you the highest quality professional tattoo equipment. No expenses were spared.