Here at LACEnano we believe in making the best tattoo machines and equipment possible. Not the most well known or promoted but the best in terms of quality and versatility. Likewise we believe in promoting and working with the best artists.

Not the most well known and mainstream but the best in terms of quality, technique and artistic expression. We work with our artists in developing new equipment and their years of experience helps us bring the best equipment to your hands.

Ruslan & Tonya

Country: Russia
Style: Biografika

“We like to pull fast lines when tattooing and the LACEnano is a great machine for lining.”

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Tattoo artists Anastasia Chernolesova

Anastasia Chernolesova

Country: Russia
Style: Dot work and graphic

“I’m always curious of the new arrivals in the tattoo industry, especially those that help me create special contrastive harmony.”

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Tattoo artists Marco Rosa

Marco Rosa

Country: Italy
Style: Dotwork, Geometric, Avantgarde

“The first time I tried LACEnano it seemed impossible to me that such a small and light tattoo machine could be so powerful, it’s amazing!”

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Tattoo artists Dmitry Kharlashin

Dmitry Kharlashin

Country: Russia
Style: Neotraditional

“With LACEnano I no longer experience the problems I had with other tattoo machines and I can fully concentrate solely on my work.”

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Tattoo artists Petja Evlogieva

Petja Evlogieva

Country: Bulgaria
Style: New school, Comics

“I really liked the design of the LACEnano the first time I saw it. But I was even more delighted by how nice it was to work with it. I like to put a lot of color into my tattoos and I use the LACEnano mainly for color packing.”

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Tattoo artists fernando madeira Brasil

Fernando Madeira

Country: Brazil
Style: Freestyle

“The design of the LACEnano caught my eye the first time I saw it. Then I was delighted when I read it weighs only 45g.”

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tattoo artist mike johnson stechwerk

Mike Johnson

Country: Germany
Style: Realism

“The magnetic drive like on the Lace brings the traditional tattooing to a new level. With this machine you have the feel of an traditional Coil machine, but fast like a Rotary.”

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tattoo artist ian Parkin

Ian Parkin

Country: United Kingdom
Style: Neo-traditional

“I like the LaceNano for its versatility in being able to hit hard and slow soft and slow hard and fast soft and fast. i can make it do anything i want.”

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