Video gallery – LACEnano

LACEnano video gallery

Tattoo artist: Mike Johnson – Stechwerk tattoo studio Berlin

Here’s some work done by Mike Johnson with the LACEnano.

Mike demonstrates how you can use the LACEnano to do the whole tattoo; from lining to shading and color packing.

There are also useful tips on how to set the machine for different needles and techniques in the video.



Check out the video from one of our happy LACEnano tattoo artists, Sotiris Papatragiannis, Malia Ink from Greece.

He sets his LACEnano up and goes straight to work. Pulling a black&grey lily from under the needle, he proves that flowers don't always have to have bright colors to be beautiful.

LACEnano tattoo machine in action

LACEnano LABRYS - Advanced universal tattoo power supply

This is the new kickass universal 2-channel power supply from LACEnano. It powers not only LACEnano brushless power machines, but also all standard coil and rotary machines. It has market leading power filtration for silky smooth machine operation, with more power and less heat from your machine.

You can read more regarding LABRYS power supply HERE

Tattoo artist PADS from UK tattoing

Tattoo artist: Gareth Putter – Bundu Tattoo Hoedspruit

The Bundu Tattoo team decided to tattoo this Elephant piece out in the bush to give the client a better experience while getting her tattoo done. They set up the studio under a massive Sycamore Fig on the banks of the Olifants River for fantastic experience for the client as well as the Bundu Tattoo team.

Done by Gareth Putter using a LACEnano and World Famous Tattoo Ink, 2 consecutive days tattooing and 12 hours total tattoo time.

Tattoo artist PADS from UK tattoing

Tattoo artist: David “Padz” Padley

Here’s some work done by David “Padz” Padley from Lucky 13 tattoo studio with the LACEnano.

Padz explains how the LACEnano works with different needles and techniques.
He said that he could do any technique he does with it; soft greyshade, hard whipshade, solid colour packing, thick and thin lines, stippling. It was just good all round. He also liked how easy the machine was to set up and how id didn’t put any strain on his hands.

Tattoo artist PADS from UK tattoing

Tattoo artist: Ruslan & Tonya – Abusev tattoo Moscow

Our new PRO team members come from Abusev tattoo Moscow! This awesome couple creates large scale pieces and they determined their style as Biografika.

“Biografika is a name, it’s what we call our vision of the world, and by chance this name happened to be taken for tattoos that we create.”


Tattoo artist: Anastasia Chernolesova – Backstage Tattoo Studio Sankt Peterburg

Anastasia Chernolesova is yet another PRO team artist that we are very proud to have in our tattoo family.

With her unique style she creates black work tattoos that truly stand out from the crowd!

You don’t want to miss this one!


Tattoo artist: Dmitry Kharlashin – Backstage Tattoo Studio Sankt Peterburg

LACEnano PRO team artist Dmitry Kharlashina sent us a video of this awesome tattoo in the making from start to finish.

He uses LACEnano with different settings for lining, shading and color packing to complete his unique tattoos.

Enjoy the video!


Tattoo artist: Petja Evlogieva – Artcore tattoo Sofia

LACEnano PRO team artist Petja Evlogieva just sent us this video titled “Making of: Lemmy the Minion”.

It is a fun cartoon tribute to the late and great king of heavy metal.

She uses the LACEnano with different settings for lining and color packing to produce tight lines and vibrant colors.

Enjoy the video!


LACEnano sets an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in Turkey

LACEnano was recently at the Istanbul tattoo convention, the biggest convention in the region.

Many artists got to try it out, among them the 81 artists that set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most artists working on a person in one session.

Read more >>>

Tattoo artist: Roy Lord

Here’s some work done by Roy Lord with the LACEnano.

Roy took the LACEnano to the Tattoo Show Hildesheim convention. This small but intricate butterfly is one of the tattoos he made with it there.

He says he really fell in love with the LACEnano, so simple and comfortable.


LACEnano, promo video 2015

Everyone loves a slow motion video of a tattoo needle hitting the skin. But this time it’s more than just an intriguing video, that will make your more squeamish friends run out of the room when you show it to them. We made this video for you, the artist, so you can see how consistent the hit of the LACEnano is no matter how big or small the grouping of the needle is. We feel that every tattoo machine company should do the same, so you know what you are buying.


LACEnano, assembly and operation

In our first video, we want to show you the built quality and simplicity of LACEnano machine.

We designed it in a way that all adjustments take only a second and without guessing.

The speed adjustment is also really simple, as there is only one knob on the power supply and it adjusts RPM directly. No more guesswork with voltages, amps etc.

Take a look and see the difference.