LACEnano Pro Team Member - Petja Evlogieva

LACEnano Pro Team Member - Petja Evlogieva

Petja Evlogieva pro team

Country:  Bulgaria
Style: New school, Comics

I really liked the design of the LACEnano the first time I saw it. But I was even more delighted by how nice it was to work with it. I like to put a lot of color into my tattoos and I use the LACEnano mainly for color packing.”

“It can do smooth shading but does not compromise the color packing. You can put all the color into the skin in the first pass. I can make gradients easily from one color to another and it will not irritate the skin because you do not have to go over it again and again. So after I finished the first piece, I thought to myself, The colors are shining, not full of blood!


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