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The LACEnano tattoo machine

The LACEnano tattoo machine is a brushless rotary tattoo machine with a magnetic drive, so it will feel a lot like a coil machine but without the hassle and the weight. It is also an ultra light tattoo machine, weighing in at only 46g/1.6oz.


LACEnano needs a special power supply that comes with every machine. This is because of the brushless motor. The LACEnano will not work with standard power supplies (actually they might hurt the machine so don’t try it) and other tattoo machines will not work with the LACEnano power supply.

You also get an international wall wart in the kit; it has 3 interchangeable wall plugs for when you go to conventions abroad. The Power supply is pretty self explanatory; all the connections are different from each other, so there is no way of plugging things in the wrong way. The knob controls the speed of the machine from 2500 RPM to 8000 RPM (42 Hz to 133 Hz ). This is a constant voltage power supply; the wizardry inside it will adjust the pulses to the motor and keep the motor spinning at the set speed if the load increases (if you push harder or put on a bigger needle). So no more guessing and adjusting the voltage.

In the picture below are the front and rear panel of the power supply; You plug the wall wart into port (A), your footswitch into port (B) and the machine into port (C). (D) is the RPM control knob.


The LACEnano has a tube vice that will take any standard 8mm tube/grip. It will not crush the tube like some other guillotine type tube holding mechanisms do.

This being a magnetic drive machine, it will not work well with cartridge needles (much like coil machines don’t because of the magnetic transfer of force) for this reason we do not recommend the use of cartridge needles.

The settings are really simple and can be done on the fly without any tools and while tattooing using just your fingers. The point here is to control the position of the magnet on the armature bar in relation to the one spinning on the motor.

The upper thumbnut (2) controls the hit. You adjust it up for a harder hit and down for a softer hit.

The lower thumbnut (3) controls the stroke. You increase the stroke by moving it down and decrease the stroke by moving it up. The jack (1) is where you plug in the LACEnano power cable.

It is best to use a thin, small diameter rubber band. Hook it on the back post (4), stretch it over the needle loop around the machine and hook it on the back post from the other side as seen in the diagram.

The machine might get hot, if you run it at full speed and with a hard hit for long periods of time without any brakes.

This is not a problem for the machine, but it might be too hot for your hands if you touch it right away. For this reason we advise you to use a tattoo pedal that turns off everytime you remove your foot so the machine has a few seconds to cool off. Also; make sure to give it a few moments after you are done tattooing before you touch it.

This phenomena is common in coil machines and the reason for it is the high power of the machine. A small rotary will not get so hot, because it only has a 5w motor, but coils produce much more power (and heat) and the LACEnano has a 40w motor, so it does give off some heat.


It is common for artists to use a short stroke for lining and a long stroke for shading. This is probably what you have been taught or you may have developed your own technique to achieve the results you are after.

Nothing is set in stone and it is advisable to set the machine individually for every skin type, needle size and technique combination. The LACEnano is not a one trick pony.

This is how you adjust the machine

(it might be a little counterintuitive):

(1.) Put the needle you are going to use on the machine as well as a rubber band if you are going to use one.

(2.) Adjust the speed on the power supply first.

(3.) Adjust the give with the upper thumbnut but make sure that the magnets are not touching or even hitting each other when the machine is running! The ballpark is up to 2 full turns down from the uppermost position of the thumbnut.

(4.) And now adjust the stroke with the lower thumbnut; the best usable strokes are from 2.5-4.5mm at the needle.

(5.) Now finally turn the machine on, put your thumb on where the needle hooks on the armature bar and feel for the hit. Now make minor adjustments to the stroke with the lower thumbnut. When you feel the hit gets stronger you have found the sweet spot for that particular speed, needle, give and stroke combination.

You have successfully adjusted your machine. Now just adjust the needle stick out and you are all set.


The LACEnano was designed to be a really low maintenance machine. You can lube the bearings with a drop of light machine oil from time to time if you wish but it’s not really necessary. If you are going to clean it in an autoclave, then we advise using an autoclave grade lubricant (you can get it at dental supply shops – in fact; the bearings on the LACEnano are dental machine bearings).

You can clean the whole machine (including the motor) in an autoclave sterilizer at up to 135° C. Or If you don’t have one you can use any standard cleaner and disinfectant that you use for your other tattoo machines.

If there are any problems or a malfunction of the machine please do not attempt a repair yourself.

Contact us first and we will advise you on how to proceed and your options (if you decide to send it in our repairs are very fairly priced - we’ve got your back). Attempting repairs on such small mechanical devices is something like trying to repair your own mechanical watch and you can break more things than you fix if you do not know the correct procedures and screw tightening torques.

If you have any problems with the machine please contact us at


(1.) The needle has a weak and/or intermittent hit;

The stroke and give are set way too high - follow the adjustment pointers and start with a hard hit setting (half a turn down from the uppermost upper thumbnut position while making sure the magnets are not hitting each other and 3mm stroke set with the lower thumbnut) and find the sweet spot from there.

(2.) The machine is making a buzzing sound much like a coil;

The magnets are hitting each other - move the upper thumbnut down until the sharp buzzing sound goes away. Failure to do so will damage your magnets and void your warranty.

(3.) The machine starts/stops randomly when I move it around;

Your cable has probably worn out and it’s time to get a new one. Cables usually fail at the connectors. Test for a worn out cable by twisting the cable around at the connectors with the machine turned on. If this has an effect on the running of the machine, then it is time to order a new cable.

Use your LACEnano according to these instructions. Failure to do so might cause damage to the machine and void your warranty.


Assembly and operation:

7. Download LACEnano tattoo machine user manual ENGLISH(.pdf)

LABRYS - Advanced universal tattoo power supply

1. Front panel

Figure 1 - Front panel

1 | Power Button

2 | LCD Display

3 | Timer Button

4 | Voltage / Speed Setting Buttons

5 | Function Buttons

6 | Bottom Function Buttons

7 | Output 1

8 | Output 2

9 | Power Input

10 | Foot Pedal

2.1 LCD display (LACEnano tattoo machine)

Figure 2 - Display (LACEnano)

1 | Manual “Taxi Meter”

2 | Auto “Taxi Meter”

3 | Manual Timer

4 | Auto Timer

5 | Output Speed Setting

6 | Stored Speed Setting 1

7 | Stored Speed Setting 2

8 | Stored Speed Setting 3

9 | Stored Speed Setting 4

10 | Output 1 Setting

11 | Output 2 Setting

12 | Output Select Indicator

2.2. LCD display (Coil and rotary machines)

Figure 3 - Display (Coil, Rotary)

1 | Manual “Taxi Meter”

2 | Auto “Taxi Meter”

3 | Manual Timer

4 | Auto Timer

5 | Output Speed Setting

6 | Stored Speed Setting 1

7 | Stored Speed Setting 2

8 | Stored Speed Setting 3

9 | Stored Speed Setting 4

10 | Output 1 Setting

11 | Output 2 Setting

12 | Output Select Indicator

13 | Duty Cycle (coil only)

14 | STL (coil only)

15 | Frequency (coil only)

16 | Current

3. Connections

To start using your LABRYS power supply connect supplied wall wart *1 to DC-IN (figure 1, no. 9) and your electrical outlet *2. If you are using external foot pedal, connect it to lower right input marked with (figure 1, no. 10).

Output 1 is marked with (figure 1, no. 7) and represent the left pointing arrow in bottom function buttons (figure 1, no. 6). Output 2 is marked with or a right pointing arrow in bottom function buttons. Connect your machine to either of the outputs and select used output with bottom function buttons (figure 1, no. 6). For more information about output select see chapter 7.


*1 | To avoid injury or damaging your power supply and voiding the warranty use only supplied wall-wart.

*2 | Wall-wart works on all standard electrical outlet. Supported input voltage is 100-240V and 50/60Hz.

4. Taxi meter

1 | Manual: (Figure 2, no. 1) calculates price from manual timer and hourly rate set in menu

2 | Auto: (Figure 2, no. 2) calculates price from auto timer and hourly rate set in menu

Hold “timer button” to reset taxi meter. Both taxi meters and both timers will reset. For taxi meter settings go to chapter 10.

5. Timer

1 | Manual: (Figure 2, no. 3) start/stop timer with “timer button” (Figure 1, no. 3)

2 | Auto: (Figure 2, no. 4) auto timer start and stop (turns on and off with the machine)

Timer turns green when running and white when stopped. Hold “timer button” to reset timers. Both timers and both taxi meters will reset. For timer settings go to chapter 10.

6. Speed / Voltage setting

Press or hold “voltage/speed setting buttons” (Figure 1, no. 4). to change output voltage/speed. Save current output setting by holding corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 5).

Select stored output settings by pressing corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 5).

7. Output select

Select between output 1 or output 2 by pressing “bottom function buttons” (Figure 1, no. 6). Press left for output 1 or right for output 2. Black bar (Figure 2, no. 12) indicates the selected output.

8. Output mode

To change output mode between LACEnano, Rotary or Coil (Figure 2, no. 10/11) hold corresponding “bottom function button” (Figure 1, no. 6) until arrows appear next to the output mode. Now select output mode by pressing “bottom function button” (Figure 1, no. 6).

To confirm selected output mode, hold corresponding “bottom function button” or start your machine by pressing the footswitch.

9. Output enable

To start your machine you can either use your footswitch or press the “power button” shortly (Figure 1, no. 1). If the “power button” is not working enable this function in the menu (chapter 10).

When output is ON the corresponding output select indicator (Figure 2, no. 12) turns green. It turns white when it is OFF.

10. Settings menu

Figure 4 - Display menu

1 | Settings name colum

2 | Setting select indicator

3 | Save and exit, corresponding timer button (Figure 1, no. 3)

4 | Move up the menu, corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 5)

5 | Move down the menu, corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 5)

6 | Settings parameter column

7 | Switch setting, corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 6)

8 | Switch setting, corresponding function button (Figure 1, no. 6)

9 | Software version

To enter settings menu press and hold both “bottom function buttons” (Figure 1, no. 6) until the menu appears (Figure 4).

Use “function buttons” (Figure 1, no. 5) to move up and down the menu and “bottom function buttons” (Figure 1, no. 6) to change corresponding setting.

 Color Colors Change the color of the main number.
Sound Press, Hold Turn the sound on/off.
Footswitch Press, Hold Press - press and release footswitch to start or stop your

tattoo machine.
Hold - hold footswitch to run your tattoo machine.
Power button On, Off Enable the use of the power button as the footswitch.
Timer Off, Manual, Auto, Both Off - no timers are displayed on screen.
Manual - only manual timer is displayed.
Auto - only auto timer is display.
Both - both timers are displayed.
Taximeter Off, EUR, USD, GBP Off - taximeter is not displayed.

If EUR, USD or GBP selected, taxi meters are displayed next
to the enabled timers (auto/manual).
Hourly rate 0 - 999 Set hourly rate for taxi meter, hold function button for fast value change.
Boost Out 1 0 - 3 Output 1: boost start for rotary tattoo machines.

0 - Off, 1 - Low, 2 - Medium, 3 - High
Boost Out 2 0 - 3 Output 2: boost start for rotary tattoo machines.

0 - Off, 1 - Low, 2 - Medium, 3 - High
Ref Out 1 Cal, Ok, Fail, Off In case of problems with machine detection read chapter
11. If red “Cal” is shown, power supply is not calibrated.
Ref Out 2 Cal, Ok, Fail, Off In case of problems with machine detection read chapter
11. If red “Cal” is shown, power supply is not calibrated.

When you finish editing your settings press “timer button” (Figure 1, no. 3) to save end exit settings menu.

11. Machine detection

LACEnano tattoo machines use a brushless motor. This kind of motor does not run on common DC voltage and could potentially get damaged if wrong machine type is selected. To avoid this potential problem this power supply comes with machine type detection. The power supply knows if you have a LACEnano or a traditional coil or rotary plugged in.

If a LACEnano machine is plugged in but rotary or coil mode is selected on your power supply there will be a beeping sound and the “output select indicator” (Figure 2, no. 12) will change color to red. If this happens check if your machine is correctly plugged in and that your output select settings correspond to the machine you are using.

11.1 Calibrate detection

Before using the calibrate function check if you have the correct machine type selected! All LABRYS power supplies come pre-calibrated. If you incorrectly calibrate your power supply you could end up damaging your LACEnano machine!

If you have selected the correct machine and you still get the warning then calibrate your power supply by following these steps:

1 | Plug a cable with a MONO 1/4” connector (for instance a footswitch or any standard machine power cable, but NOT the LACEnano STEREO power cable) into the machine output you want to calibrate.

2 | Go to menu

3 | Select “Ref Out 1” to calibrate output 1 or “Ref Out 2” to calibrate output 2

4 | Press any of the two “bottom function buttons” (Figure 1, no. 6)

5 | Wait a few seconds

6 | If successful you will see “OK” displayed next to “Calibrate”

If you receive “Fail” message, repeat the process. If machine detection or calibration problems persist, contact us at

12.General Care and Cleaning

Do not store or leave the power supply in where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Do not drop or open the power supply to avoid damaging your power supply and voiding the warranty.

To clean exterior surface, perform the following steps:

1 | Disconnect all connections from the power supply

2 | Clean with moist soft cloth with a mild detergent, alcohol or water


To avoid damages to the instrument, do not expose them to liquids which have causticity.

To avoid injury resulting from short circuit, make sure the power supply is completely dry before reconnecting to power source.


OBELISK - Standard tattoo power supply adaptor

LACEnano tattoo machines use brushless motor technology and because of that they do no run on standard DC tattoo power supplies. With the help of a LACEnano OBELISK adapter you can run LACEnano tattoo machines on any standard DC tattoo power supply.



Before pluging in the Obelisk adapter set output voltage on your tattoo power supply between 4V and 8V. Plug the 1/4’’ mono plug (Figure 1, no. 1) into your power supply. Plug one end of a standard 3.5mm stereo LACEnano cable into the 3.5mm output socket (Figure 1, no. 2) and the other and in to your LACEnano tattoo machine.


The Obelisk adapter works with a voltage input between 4V and 8V. Exceeding this voltage will shut the machine down. Different types of LACEnano machines work with different voltage ranges (see table 1). Before use make sure you have set the correct output voltage on your power supply.

Even if inside the operating voltage range your tattoo machine may run inconsistently if to low or to high of a voltage is set.

After everything is plugged in and you set the correct operating voltage you have to send power to the Obelisk adapter from power supply with your foot pedal, just like when turning on any other tattoo machine.

LACEnano machine type Minimum recommended voltage Maximum recommended voltage
Magnetic* 5V  8V 

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