About us – LACEnano

About us

The team

We are a team of very diverse talents and bring together skills from many different fields from the important ones like engineering and design to the even more important ones like customer relations and understanding the needs of tattoo artists. We are here to innovate. For too long has this industry of tattoo equipment been asleep and only making small progress each year. Our goal is to really rock the cage and from the responses we have had so far we are definitely succeeding and not just making improvements ourselves but have also encouraged other tattoo machine companies to make leaps forward.


If you asked us what our most important value is we would say choice.We will never push you to buy anything from us with aggressive marketing campaigns. We think quality is king and it always shines through in the end. We will also never make something that constricts an artist to buy something exclusively from us if we can help it.

Customer support

Customer support is on the top of our priority list and your relationship with us starts, not stops when you buy something from us. You have shown support for us by getting our machine and we will do the same for you in return.

THE art of tattooing

And last but not least; we believe in the art of tattooing, not so much the showbusiness of it. We know that there are many among you, who are world class tattooers but are too humble to scream about it on TV. We are with you and value you much more than the superstars because as we said; it’s the quality that counts and shines through in the end.