LACEnano tattoo machine (SINGLE)

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  • Lightest machine on the market (46g/1.6oz)
  • Brushless long life motor
  • Magnetic drive
  • 0-6 mm stroke
  • Infinitely adjustable hit from super soft to rock solid
  • Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminium
  • IMPORTANT: Works only with LACEnano power supply!
    If you don't have the LACEnano power supply, here is the best package for you: LACEnano tattoo machine (BOX)

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Product Details

The best features of coil and rotary tattoo machines combined

The famous LACEnano magnetic brushless rotary tattoo machine.

Many have been asking for this, so here you go. You are ordering the machine only; without the power supply. So make sure to only order this if you already have LACEnano power supply but want an additional machine to save time on changing needles.

If you don't already own a LACEnano power supply, we recommend our Best Sellers LACEnano tattoo machine (BOX) OR LACEnano PRO kit.

Why do I need to use the LACEnano power supply?

LACEnano uses a special power supply that you get with every LACEnano tattoo machine box. This is due to brushless motor technology that helped us make a lightweight and powerful tattoo machine which walks the line between a coil and rotary tattoo machine. You may read more about this topic in our blogpost HERE.

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  • - All LACENANO products can be ordered directly thru our webshop and will be shipped to more than 40+ countries around the world! (Including USA, UK, EU countries, Canada, Australia and many more)

  • - We charge shipping costs based on your location: $35.00

  • - We ship worldwide with premium DHL Express shipping service

  • - Your order will arrive within 5 business days after receiving the payment.

  • - You will receive tracking number so you can keep an eye on your order in order lookup section.

  • - Shipping to some countries outside the European union may charge you additional import fees upon the package arrival.


  • - We offer a 30 day 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back.



All LACEnano products come with a one-year warranty on ALL parts. If during that time something stops working as it should send it to our workshop and we will fix it or replace it for you. FREE OF CHARGE!

Please note that warranty doesn't cover neglect or misusing the products, like dropping, overheating or using the products in any other way than its intended purpose.

For the products that are outside of warranty period or are not covered by warranty, we will charge a small fee to cover our expenses. All you need to do is send us the machine in the original flight case (to protect it in shipping) with the Certificate of authenticity that came with it.


The LACEnano was designed with the no maintenance philosophy in mind. It does not need to be taken apart, lubricated or anything. If you wish you can put a drop of light machine oil on the bearings, but it is not necessary.

It is designed to be cleaned in a medical autoclave at up to 135°C; this will not do it any harm. You can also use standard disinfectants and cleaners in spray or wipe off form, that you use for your other tattoo machines.
The important difference to other tattoo machines is that the whole machine including the motor can be cleaned in this way.

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