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THE LACEnano POWER SUPPLY  and why you have to use it if you want the LACEnano tattoo machine to work

THE LACEnano POWER SUPPLY and why you have to use it if you want the LACEnano tattoo machine to work

Yes, we know, what you are thinking; look at those "douchebags" at LACEnano making us use their power supply and their connectors and so on. Well it’s not really like that; we are strong believers in compatibility of products, and using standard equipment like RCA jacks and clipcords. But we are making a big step into a new era of rotaries and it cannot be done with this old technology, and not for a lack of trying, trust us on that one.

Let us get technical and explain why

Ever since the beginning of electrically driven tattoo machines you used either a coil machine (that is self switching) or a brushed rotary (the motor controls itself via commutator and brushes). Both of these just have two wires to connect to and you supply them with a constant voltage and current (that you set on the power supply). You can essentially use the same power supply for both. And RCA and clip cord work great with these; they have two poles, the machines need two poles (+ and -), happy day.

Well it’s not so easy with a brushless motor. A brushless motor has not two, but 3 wires sticking out of it, and to make matters worse it cannot control itself, it needs a power modulating power supply with an algorithm burnt on a microchip to run. And the algorithm has to read the position of the motor thousands of times each second to know when to send power to each of the three wires. But a brushless motor has very big advantages compared to a brushed motor. It has a 6x better power to weight ratio, it has no brushes to wear out, it can be autoclaved if designed properly and it has full power throughout the RPM range.

We thought it was high time to give all of these advantages into the hands of the tattoo artist. So we worked long and hard to work out the perfect algorithm for the way tattooing puts load on the motor. This will ensure the motor will run smoothly under load and have the maximum power possible.

Now it is true, that you can cram all of these electronics inside the tattoo machine and power it with a regular tattoo power supply. But then you lose the benefit of having a lightweight and autoclavable tattoo machine. You get a big and heavy tattoo machine that you have to manually clean. After talking to many tattoo artists we opted against this and this is why you have to use our power supply and 3.5mm (⅛ in) stereo power connectors with our tattoo machine. But we made the LACEnano Power Supply light and compact (size of a pack of cigs), so it’s not a burden if you have to take it with you to a convention or something

And because we are not douchebags that are just after your money we decided, that you get our power supply and cable for free with every LACEnano tattoo machine BOX or PRO KIT. And no, we didn’t raise the price of the package because of this. We make less money, but you are happier and isn’t that what it’s all about?

LACEnano team

Update March 2017

For all tattoo artist that already have a LACEnano power supply, and want an additional LACEnano tattoo machine, we have prepared the LACEnano tattoo machine (SINGLE).

Update May 2018

LACEnano tattoo machine is now also available in Black & Gold color as a:
- LACEnano BOX (1 x LACEnano tattoo machine + 1 x LACEnano power supply)
- LACEnano PRO kit (2 x LACEnano tattoo machine + 1 x LACEnano power supply + 2 x Additional , free of charge LACEnano power cables)
- Additional LACEnano Black edition (SINGLE).