We have been getting quite a few questions about the conventions that we will be attending and where you might be able to try a LACEnano machine out. It’s important to be able to try before you buy, especially with an ultralight machine like ours that you can only get to appreciate truly, once you hold it in your hands.

And so while we do attend some conventions personally (as much as time will let us), we have prepared a list of the ones where at least our retailers will be present and where you can try before you buy. This is a live list and will be updated constantly.

Join our Instagram community

Our Instagram community is growing bigger and bigger with every day. You have probably seen our profile @LACEnano, but if not, you are welcome to join in on the action; We have built our Instagram profile around artists that use the LACEnano and it serves as a showcase of all the things that can be achieved with this truly universal machine.

We repost the best tattoos done with our machine; if you want to get reposted, just tag your photos with a #lacenano. You might even find some great artists to follow that you haven’t heard about before, as our community is truly global.



Building new tattoo machines batches

It’s been hard keeping up with demand, but we do try. We are in the process of building a larger batch of new machines right now, before we run out of the old batch, but it might still happen that there will be a short backorder period in March as machines run out.

So if you are thinking about getting one don’t wait until March. Get one while there are still some left.