Reserve your limited edition LACEnano rotary tattoo machine

Reserve your limited edition LACEnano rotary tattoo machine

After a lot of hours spent perfecting the LACEnano rotary tattoo machine and testing them with many tattoo artists it is finally ready. We upgraded it and now it weighs only 45 grams. We also developed the LACEnano power supply to ensure the machine runs perfectly . – But don’t worry, you get one free with every LACEnano rotary tattoo machine. We will also include a wall wart power adapter and you get all three connectors (EU, UK and USA) in every package. No more hassle with electrical plugs when you go to tattoo conventions in different parts of the world.

So in the last year, we had a lot of tattoo artist reserving places for our limited quantity pre-order campaign.

Now we have perfected it and will open our pre-order campaign on the 15th of april 2015 until the limited run is pre-sold. (Last day to pre-order will be 31th of may 2015 if any machines are left by then – we highly doubt it.)

So for all our email subscribers and followers that have been waiting to pre-order the LACEnano rotary tattoo machine we have arranged a reservation form down below, so when the pre-order begins, you will have first dibs on buying before others get a chance to order and before the limited quantity runs out. We offer this as a thank you to all the artists, that have been following us from the beginning and encouraged us to bring the LACEnano out.