Hello amazing tattoo artists!

We have been building the lightest machines for a few years now and you have been enjoying them and making some awesome tattoos with them. Now we have decided it’s time to roll out some new tools for you under the motto of “Tools 4 gods”. Because some of your tattoos are really god-like. We are also revamping our logo to celebrate this occasion.

Our new tools will be named after the tools of mythological gods and creatures and the first of them is going to be LABRYS, the legendary axe of Zeus with which he sent storms upon Earth.

But in our case it’s an Advanced universal power supply.

It has support for all rotary and coil machines and also for brushless LACEnano tattoo machines.

- supercharge your old LACEnano and improve your experience
- 2 machine outputs
- 4 memory slots for settings for each of 3 types of machines available through 2 channels
- silky smooth power filtration
- advanced starting options for cartridge machines
- an auto/manual “taxi meter” with settable rates
- all of this on the big color screen
- and in a rock solid aluminium enclosure.

You can even change the color of the text on the screen to your liking. And one very important thing; it has an SD card slot on the side so it can be reprogrammed with new software in the future, this makes it future-proof. Last but not least; LACEnano LABRYS will come with a standard camera mount thread on the back which unlocks a whole world of ways to clamp the power supply to your work table; magnetic, c-clamp, articulating arm, suction cup, you name it, it can be done.

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Yours truly

LACEnano team

Great news! - The LABRYS is available to order HERE