As many of you have noticed, we have completely overhauled our website. We took your input into consideration and incorporated answers to the most frequently asked questions that we get from our artists over the email into the new site.

We also expanded our webshop as many of you were asking for things like spare cables and additional tattoo machines (without the whole kit) so you can now also get those on our webshop. Or if you want to go big from day one you can now also get two machines with one power supply and some free cables in a bundle. Go check out our new webshop.

New countries are also opened for orders directly from our webshop now, among them; Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Israel. So if you come from one of those countries and wanted to get your very own LACEnano but were concerned about customs procedures etc. you can now rest assured that all customs and import papers have been cleared and your LACEnano will get to your door in a matter of days.

But the biggest news is that we have just made our small but colorful pro team public. They are Fernando Madeira, Ian Parkin and Mike Johnson. All of them have really different styles so you can see the extremely wide spectre of work that the LACEnano will do from super soft shading to rock hard and wide lining, it’s a true all-rounder and can be set up to do anything. All of this artist have been testing and promoting our machines from a very early stage and we thank them for that. You can see their profiles on our new website here.