Lately we, the LACEnano team, our distributors and supporters and me personally as the builder have been receiving a lot of threats and insults from John Clark and his friends, so I thought it was high time we address this issue in a public and transparent way and let you decide on your own, who you want to believe and what machine you want to buy or support.

What John is saying, basically, is that he invented (but did not bother to patent) the magnetic rotary tattoo machine and that we are stealing from him by making a machine that is an exact copy of his.

Here are the pictures and comparison of both of the machines;

John Clark magnetic rotary
11073549_10206011937594453_3548866021142729792_o john clark magnetic drive
45g/1.6 oz (lightest in the world)
175g/6.2 oz
proprietary 40W brushless motor (long life, more power, less weight) off the shelf 11W brushed motor (short life, less power, more weight)
fully autoclavable (including the motor) not autoclavable
adjustable hit and stroke adjustable stroke only
needle stays up when off needle sticks out when off
machined to tolerances of 1 micrometer on a 7 axis CNC for dental devices machined on a homemade CNC and lathe
magnetic drive magnetic drive

So the only thing these two really have in common is the magnetic drive.

I would like to point out, that we have been contacted by several other tattoo machine builders, who ran into similar problems with John, when he accused them of stealing his work. He seems to have a talent for seeing his design in almost every new machine that comes out.

I didn’t even get the magnetic drive from John, but from blood pumps. I didn’t know anything about him or his machines until he contacted us in an angry email a year ago. He also said, that a magnetic drive with a brushless motor is impossible and that he tried it and that we would fail like him. I agree with him on this one, if you buy an off the shelf motor and controller and stick a magnet on it will not work. Here is where the real engineering begins.

I respect John Clark as an artist and innovator, he thought of the magnetic drive first and his machines are works of art. But an engineer he is not. There is no optimizing in his work, his machines weigh a ton and are far from ergonomic or clean(able).
I also think he doesn’t care much about artists, but more about himself, as he would rather cut off his own finger, than point an artist in the way of a machine that is better than his in every way imaginable. That is not what the builder community should be about. It should be about bringing the best possible tools in the hands of artists, no matter what. At least in my opinion – and I think John would do good to share this opinion with me.

So if you want something nice to hang on the wall, then go to him.
If on the other hand you want the most light, efficient, clean, powerful and versatile machine available on the market today, then get a LACEnano.
It’s up to you, but I can promise you, you won’t be sorry, if you get a LACEnano.

I would like to end with a quote from a man that goes by the name of Wonderland on the Rotary tattoo forum, this is what he said.

“We we seem to forget in our world of internet travel that “new ideas” are common among a lot of different people. What one person “creates” here in America another person is “creating” the same but different designs. Currently there are about 7 billion people on this planet. To think that only one person has come up with something new is silly and short sighted to say the least. What we are all doing is just expanding and adding to different ideas that have been around in one way or another for quite some time now. Case in point, is that I have been using RCA jacks on my machines since the early 90s but now it is all the rage. Should I as a tattoo artist say everyone is now copying off me and that they should find their own ideas. Do most of you even know where the whole binding post aspect of tattoo machines came from originally? Why the holes were there for the clip cord. Originally there were screws in the bottom of them that would tighten to hold a wire in the hole. Then someone made a clip cord and every one followed because it was a good idea.
Our world of tattooing is evolving by leaps and bounds, yet we somehow find the time to point out what others are doing to “copy” our industry. We are stifling our own progress when we do that. I respect Mr. Clark for what he does, don’t get me wrong his machines are awesome. But…. If someone takes a design element of his and some how makes it better what is wrong with that. Every industry has done it, and will continue to do it.
The one thing that has always been wrong with tattooing is our attitudes toward other builders and artists. I think secretly we are all jealous, or bitter that we did not “come up with that”. We need to celebrate all of each other just a little bit more, and not run and tell “mommy” every time we may feel a little slighted by someone or something.
No one person has come up with a bullet proof solid idea that is original in any way to put ink in the skin. We have all just improved how we do it and improved the tools we use.”

I agree with him fully and would like to thank him for the words of wisdom he put in for me even though he never met me.

With respect for the artist first and the builder second, Peter Bukovec.