LACEnano tattoo talk at Slovenian tattoo convention
LACEnano tattoo talk at Slovenian tattoo convention

LACEnano tattoo talk at Slovenian tattoo convention

Our team took some time away from the office and the new batch of machines that we are building to visit and say hello to some fellow tattoo artists at Slovenian tattoo convention in April. We had the opportunity to check in with our PRO team artist Marco Rosa and also see other tattoo artists tattooing with LACEnano machines, including Miloš Krsmanović from Black tattoo and Uroš Šobot from Tattoo studio Amunet.

We asked them about where did they first hear about LACEnano and what are the advantages they see in tattooing with it.

We met Marco at Maribor tattoo convention and he was very intrigued with our machines. He has been our PRO team member even since. However, he shared with us that this was not his first time hearing about our tattoo machine: “I read about it on some of the websites and decided to try it out after I met the team.”

“I work at Red Skink tattoo studio in Monfalcone and my colleagues whom I work with tried it out first, so it took me some time to get my hands on it and get a proper feedback. When they tried it, they were not really sure about it, but from the start I really liked the way you can work with it on shadows and color packing. It is quick and powerful tattoo machine. You almost feel like it works by itself due to the lightweight and effectiveness. However, I do not use it for lining yet and do not adjust it frequently – I just leave the setup as it is, plug it to the power supply and I am ready to go!”

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Miloš first heard about LACEnano from a fellow tattoo artist: “He told me that there is a new tattoo machine on the market and that he knows the builder, so I was interested in trying it out.”

“I was looking for a tattoo machine that will enable a smooth rotation. I am used to coils and I pretty much used them all the time but due to their weight you wrist starts to hurt quite a bit after 6, 8 or 12 hours of tattooing. After trying out various tattoo machines and LACEnano as well, I knew this was it. The armbar  runs a lot like a coil and this is what I was looking for. I like the way I can quickly adjust it for lining, shading, color packing, soft shading… whatever I want! Basically I was looking for something small and compact because I want to be able to easily transport my equipment – what you see at the tattoo convention, you see at the studio; I basically pack up half of my tattoo studio and take it with me.”

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Viva voce or word of mouth seemed to be present with Uroš also: “I have a friend in my home town that told me about someone building a new tattoo machine nearby. We sat down for a cup of coffee and discussed it. I saw the tattoo machine for the first time and was told more about it.”

“To be honest my first impressions were mixed. It was a small tattoo machine and I was quite sceptical of it. However, we decided to collaborate, we met at my mentor’s tattoo studio and made some promotional videos afterwards. After trying out the LACEnano I was pleasantly surprised and in general happy with the tattoo machine itself. It is great for soft shading, but I’m not yet comfotable with it for finishing fine thin lines. Since my tattooing style in mainly realism I use it for shading, color packing and strong bold lines where needed, but all in all I really like it.”

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