LACEnano OBELISK power supply adaptor has arrived!
LACEnano OBELISK power supply adaptor has arrived!

LACEnano OBELISK power supply adaptor has arrived!

We are launching a new way to power your LACEnano tattoo machines in the beginning of 2020.

It’s and an inline dongle that you can put between any tattoo power supply and your LACEnano cable and it has the circuitry on board that will make the brushless motor on the LACEnano machines run and you adjust the speed of the machine with adjusting the voltage on your power supply, just as you would on any other brushed rotary or coil.

We are calling it LACEnano OBELISK.

OBELISK standard power supply adaptor

How this came to be? Ok so a brushless motor means low weight, a lot of power and also autoclavability. That’s why we use one in our machines. But it also requires a special power supply or a converter. If you put that converter circuit inside the machine you can say goodbye to autoclavability and it also adds weight. So when we were launching our machine we decided to build a special power supply to go with it, made just for the brushless motor that we use. Later we built the LABRYS power supply that can power any tattoo machine including ours.

But you guys were still asking for something small that would enable you to use your LACEnano machines with any power supply out there.

So this is it; the LACEnano OBELISK. Plug it between any power supply and your LACEnano machine and get to work! 

Now available with every LACEnano tattoo machine HERE


As a stand alone product for tattoo artist that already have a LACEnano tattoo machine HERE