LACEnano Black Edition is Coming soon!
LACEnano Black Edition is Coming soon!

LACEnano Black Edition is Coming soon!

Great news; you can now finally get a black LACEnano like you always wanted to!

We have been getting literally hundreds of emails asking if we can make a black version of our machine; so many of you have been asking for black that we thought someone stole the rainbow.
We have been consistently saying no to any colors because we decided in the beginning that we want to showcase our precision machining on the machine and any color anodizing other than clear can be used very cleverly to hide machining mistakes like dull bits, and worn out CNC mills.

But we finally gave in and we are making a black edition batch for all of you who want that extra special touch on your tattoo machine. It will have a satin black finish and real 24k gold plated magnets to compliment the look (gold is also one of the most corrosion resistant materials out there). But a black machine with a silver motor just wouldn’t look right, so we are also building our famous brushless motors in satin finish midnight black especially for this machine.

We are building a limited batch of these machines right now that will be exclusively available as individual machines (without the whole kit with the power supply etc.). We decided to do this because we wanted to show appreciation for our big family of artists that already have a LACEnano. If you want to get a Black edition from this first batch and use it you already have to have a LACEnano power supply.

This initial batch will be available thru pre-order and because of the small quantity it will probably be gone very fast; the preorder will also enable you to get the machine at a reduced early bird price.

So don’t hesitate and subscribe to the newsletter OR fill out the reservation form below, so you can be notified the moment we open the preorder and get yourself a Black limited Edition LACEnano!