We have double good news for you today.
The production of LACEnano has started and we are extending the preorder!
Even though the limited quantity of LACEnano-s has been sold out for almost a week, we were able to get some extra machining days at our machine shop due to another customer of theirs canceling.
As machining is the most time consuming part of building our machines, we are now able to extend the preorder until the 20th of July. Everybody will still get their LACEnano shipped to them in August, as per our original promise. This will happen even if you order on the very last day of the extended preoder, but be warned, that this extended order comes with a limited quantity of LACEnano-s, as did the first. So if this additional quantity sells out before the 20th of July we will have to close the peorder prematurely. So don’t wait until the last day.

The second good news (as you probably figured out from the pictures) is that the production of the LACEnano has already started. As you can see from the pictures the first couple of LACEnano-s have almost gone through all the machining steps, some of the parts are actually completely finished and waiting for the eloxation. We hope this brings as big of a smile on your faces, as it does on ours. It is awesome to see the exact tattoo machine, that you will be holding in your hands two months from now, take shape in front of you eyes.

More pictures of LACEnano-s being built are coming, so stay tuned, proud owners!